Summertime brings to mind the outdoors

and sunshine radiating through our pores,

as we find ways to recreate and play

all the long day,

or as long as we can manage to do so.


With the sunshine in the Texas heat

can have you beat

before you know it, if you don’t drink

plenty of water, sometimes more is needed than you think.


Yearning to exercise to lose the weight

and finding the pool not open throughout the late

night hours, we bought ourselves some bikes

so that we can no more say, “yikes!”


Right now, mastering the timing is essential

so that we can certainly lift the pencil

to schedule ourselves around the heat

to ride in the street.


Now, you might say that the best way to

schedule ourselves is to leave off the pencil and just do

it, and take our bikes

outdoors for before the clock strikes

with yet another day done.


I definitely wish cooler days

that were in the month of Mays;

yet, we just got the bikes

recently – before that we would have to just settle for hikes!