Moobaby and Little Moo are our guard cats

and that is that!

They are celebrities just

because their video was posted on YouTube and was robust!


We treasure them each day

as we work and play,

We love them dearly

as they proceed with walking around barely

with any sound.


They reach and scratch on our chairs,

which now need repairs,

but they make us laugh up a storm

when they do funny things as they transform

from guard cats to cats needing our love.


Lately, as walking to the bathroom,

I looked down to see the cat groom

himself with a wash rag

dragged from the laundry bag.


Then, as if he were a sphinx,

but not as wild as a maynx,

he stretched out on this rag

dragged from the bag.


Laying there contently,

he looked at me bluntly,

as if he said to me,

that even he needed to be

with security!