Between he and I,

our New Year’s Resolution was made,

on New Year’s Eve

that neither he nor me

will be considered two fat cats in the shade.


Between he and I,

we created salads galore

so that we could think lean

and no longer mean

that we’ll be fat forever more.


Between he and I,

we thought about proteins

and balancing carbs and fats

fibers and all that

so that we can be lean t’weens.


Between he and I,

we’ve lost almost 80 pounds

since January

which brings us quite cheery

and we’re only 5 months down.


Between he and I,

we’ve got to know the grocery store very well

learning to read the labels

so that our plans will be no fables

and we’ll boldly have something to tell.



(this is a work in the making)



Between he and I,

no matter the outcome,

the only fat cat

may well be Moobaby, the cat thinking he’s a hat

in our home!


Between he and I,

we may never live the life of two rich cats

like Zuckerberg and Chan,

but maybe we will be better off than

living with all those fats!