The tv murmurs with redundant sounds,

but nothing else be it abounds.

The world around me seem to sleep

yet I know there is another world which

works while our sleep is deep.


Know this to be true as I have worked it myself

just like Santa’s best elf.

The phone would ring with a new crisis

for this advocate to have no biases

and help the victim in tears

to ward off their fears.


Each call would be different

each call would be afferent.

A lifeline beats fast at one end of the phone

and dependent upon the advocate alone

for guidance and suggestions of hope to help them be safe and as strong as one.


Resources facing funding issues

and more victims than the shelters can uphold.

Where are the tissues

for those lost among the fold?


More funding is needed

as folks in the House pleaded

in 2012; the House ante up their votes

with a reworded Bill 4970  in hopes that no one would notice

while they honed in upon not protecting certain folks and all that it denotes.


Why leave out groups like the Native Americans

and immigrants who would like to be someday Americans?

Who is to say that one victim isn’t worthy to be protected

or that another deserves more detected?


When is it really going to be about the human being as a victim

so that they never need feel alone

and so that they can learn to trust once again

and believe that we are truly one

Nation interested in the dictum

of our judicial system?


Late at night,

I’m sitting in my chair

whilst the hum of the tv is the only noise I hear

and hoping that the House takes heart

and reconsider leaving out that part

which makes us Nations among Nations

and no longer rings as one.


It’s about the everyone,

dear House, all for all, and all for one.



#DVWarrior; #VAWA; #re-victimization; #House 4970; #2012