As a child,

there were many vacations,

but no so important as the time spent

at my Grandma’s & Grandpa’s “ranch”.


250 acres to romp and run,

250 acres of fresh air and starry skies

250 acres of freedom from the city life in Ol’ San Anton’.


Grandma’s home smelled like homemade biscuits, fresh fig preserves, and eggs and bacon early in the morning

We would talk and talk and talk and talk (hence where I got the name of Chatty Cathy),

go pick out veggies we would eat that day with our bonnets on,

play scrabble,

see if we could call our relatives when other folks weren’t on the party line,

cut out squares for quilts that she and Big Mama made,

shopped in town (6 miles away) for more fabric and yarn and visited with other folks,

chain stitched yarn for miles and miles (or so it seemed),

created my own floppy hats from my own design for me and my sister,

rode the cowboy my Uncle would bring over from his Veterinary Clinic,

drank ice cream floats in the heat of the day,

learned to speak Spanish (something new every day),

and when the day came to close late at night,

we would get out the cereal and milk, and had a gabby gals moment,

just before we would put on our gowns and go to our beds.


Grandpa lived next door to the main house in a mini-apartment with a big porch

Because he had been sick for years.

He would sit in his rocker on the porch and smoke his pipe,

and tell me tall tales of Pecos Bill and Hondo Crouch.

When he went to feed the cattle,

I would ride along with him in the Ol’ Chevy Sidestep Pickup

To the tank we would go,

he would jump in the bed of the truck and gently toss out the feed

sometimes allowing me to jump in there too and mimic his every move.

Occasionally, we would stop at the tank and fish for catfish

and we would talk for hours until he’d have to drive back and take me to Grandma.

Before he got too sick, we would drive into town

and sat and talked to the guys at the lumber yard.


Saturday nights were extra special

Because we would eat our cereal and milk late at night

While Grandma prepared for the next day’s Sunday School lesson.

She would practice what she would be telling the class so much

By the time we got there on Sunday, I knew all the answers!



When my family came to pick me up, my cousins would come over too,

and we’d watch the 8mm movies under the dark starlit skies

with the moon that looked like a cooking pot on a clear night.

I would share the pies and cookies we had made,

and all the creations I had made while being there.


While I don’t live near there any more,

I sure miss the both of them,

however, this I know,

nothing could ever compare

to the days of yore and

to the memories cherished forever more.