strong as an ox and can lift a long sofa with one finger,

very tall like looking up at a Redwood tree,

with broad shoulders perfect for leaning the head upon,

can lift my heavy body with little effort,

very doting and caring soul,

exercises extreme patience,

confident enough to cry when needed,

conversationalist and sociable,

learning to cook lean and light for the two of us,

had it hard growing up with an extra large family,

dresses up with the smiling  Tall Texan cowboy look,

comfortable with soft pajamas,

loving to fish and be in the outdoors,

generous and loving,

with a mind of his own,

creative and daring to be different,

survivor in many aspects,

centered his life around God,

athletic with muscles of steel,

calmer than the calm before a storm with no storm to follow,

snuggle bunny cuddlier than a teddy bear,

and I thank God that our paths crossed

with plenty of fish.